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10mm stroke rivet gun

KSh 2,500.00
10mm working stroke rivet gun

12volts digital battery tester

KSh 2,999.00
12volts digital battery tester

2 sided fibre ladder

KSh 17,500.00
5 step @19500 4sided @17500 3step @15500

46pcs Tool set

KSh 2,999.00
Note this is small tool set Check description before you order

5.5kw diesel Silent Genset

KSh 125,500.00
No cash on delivery Payment upfront

50m Submersible DC Solar Water Pump

KSh 10,500.00
– Large Flow Submersible Pump – Voltage: 24V DC – Input Power: 250W – Max Flow: 1500L/H, 25 litres per minute – Max Head: 50m or 98ft – Excellent Performance – Industrial grade heavy duty stainless steel body – Can be mounted vertically or horizontally – Easy to Install – Can work with solar panel from 100W to 400W depending on the amount of water required – Can also be operated using a 24V battery. – Multiple applications: Suitable for deep wells, rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water lifting works. – The ideal solution for remote watering needs without electric power, like garden, farm irrigation and tank filling etc 50m Submersible DC Solar Water Pump 24V 250W

7.5litre Portable car fridge

KSh 5,999.00

7.5litre Portable car fridge

 7.5 litre capacity Cool your drinks as you travel a Safe storage of medicine under refrigeration Keep food safely refrigeratedO Outdoor and travel refrigeration needs

7″ makita circular saw

KSh 9,500.00
7" makita circularsaw

85pcs tool set

KSh 17,999.00
1/2” Dr. x 5” Extension Bar 1/2” Dr. x 10” Extension Bar With 3-Way Adaptor 1/2” Dr. Universal Joint 1/4”

88volts cordless blower

KSh 7,999.00
88volts cordless blower

Agriculture Sprayer

KSh 19,500.00
Model Ac 767 2 Fan Rotation speed: 8500r/min Tank Capacity : 20L Displacement: 25.4cc Mixed Fuel Ration 20-25:1 Standard power : 0.7Kw/6500-7500 r/m Spray type: a high pressure pump Fuel tank capacity: 1.1L water Absorbtion: 10L/min. Spray amount 8L/min. Brand new petrol engine powered. Sprayer type: Knalsack. Cylinder: 2 stroke Toolkit with an operational manual. Nozzles: Each sprayer three head nozzle, flower nozzle. Less Fuel Consuption.

Aluminium ladder 4.7m

KSh 20,500.00
We have two types 4.7m@20500 5.7m@23500

Automatic Voltage regulator

KSh 10,999.00
Capacity 3kva@10999 2kva@8500 1kva@7500 0.5@6500

Benford Diesel engine

KSh 79,999.00
7 hp@80k 9 hp @90k Note cash on delivery Upfront payment ✅

Bosch grinder 750watts

KSh 4,999.00
Bosch grinder 750watts