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Signature Kettle HB-1790

capacity 1.7litres 360° Cordless Jug Stainless steel body Boil-dry protection Automatically switch off when water boil Unique cover design Power

Rebune slow Juicer

Key Features All pulp collected in one place for easy disposal 2 speeds for soft or hard fruits and vegetables

Ramtoms cappuccino maker

Make delectable brewed cappuccino in the comfort of your home using the Ramtons coffee machine. With its 3.5 bar pump

Juice dispenser

Note we have different capacity 8*1 litres @6,999 8*2litres@12,999 8*3litres@17,999  

Double tap professional boiler

Professional boiler with 2 tap Capacity 19litres  

2 in 1 ROCH Blender

2 in 1 ROCH Blender 🔷1.5ltrs Jar 🔷500 Watts 🔷2 Speed 🔷Available in White, Black and Blue Colors

Cooker with 2 gas and 2 Electric plate

A cookware with 2 electric plate and 2 plate gas and shelves Best quality Premier Cooker With two Gas burners and Two Electtric Hot Plates and Two Layer Shelves at the Bottom

Premier electric kettle 4.5l

**Legit electric kettles**   Capacity ~4.5 litres  

Sensmes commercial blender

Sensmes commercial blender is a new brand great quality Pure copper  motor 3200 watts Variable speed control pulse switch 2000litres stiring Jar Six carbon steel and alloy steel blade Anti skid and shock proof base design Can grind,sauces,fruits,bisque,grain,smoothie,and meat....and also power uji 110v-220v Hight speed,3500RPm            

Electric pancakes/chapati/crepe maker

*Electric pancakes/chapati/crepe maker Brand: signature Diameter 30cm Non stick surface 220-240v  

Tlac air fryer

*Air fryer* ✔️Capacity --3.5litres ✔️1300watts ✔️Make --Tlac

Mika Stand Mixer 5Ltrs

Mika Stand Mixer 5Ltrs ♦️Model:MMS301WG ♦️Stand Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl ♦️Capacity: 5L ♦️Power: 1000W powerful motor ♦️8 Speed function ♦️Heavy Duty Aluminium Beater ♦️Non-slip suction feet for better grip *Extra Accessories Included:* ♦️Aluminium Dough hook ♦️Stainless Steel Whisk ♦️Spatula ♦️Splash Guard ♦️Color: White and Grey ♦️Warranty: 1 Year

Signature commercial blender 1800w

Professional blender Powerful watts 1800 watts Come with extra jug Jar capacity 4.0litres  

3 in 1 Premier electric blenders

  • 3 in 1 Premier electric blenders, mincer and stand mixer.
  • 1500watts
  • 💡blender jar capacity. 1.5ltrs.
  • stand mixer bowl 6.5ltrs.

Silver crest Professional blender

Silver crest professional blender* ✅ 4500 Watt ✅ Heavy duty commercial blender ✅High Speed Blender 48000rpm ✅High Speed Countertop Blender for Crushing Ice,Shakes,Smoothies Multifunction food processor.

Single Plate Induction (Electric) Cooker

Single Plate Induction (Electric) Cooker ✳️Model:SK-3569 ✳️2200 Watts ✳️Energy Saving and environmental friendly

Sokany commercial blender

  • *4,500watts Sokany commercial blender*
🪂 *4500 watts power house* 🪂 ● *Quick* : Making delicious soup, fresh juice and other cuisine just in seconds. ● *Stylish blender* : Ergonomic handle for a secure grip-splash guard to prevent food splatter. Provide excellent convenience and easiness for blending. ● *Comes With High Quality Attachments: 6pcs-Sharp blades* ● *7 Speed Operation* : 7 speeds settings to suit different ingredients and attachments. ● Detachable attachments: Easy to wash ● *Compact appearance* , work efficiently and take the strain out of everyday kitchen tasks. Extremely fits to your kitchen and home. Specifications: 🙏🏻Material: *Heavy duty + Plastic* 🙏🏻Brand: SOKANY 🙏🏻Capacity: 2000ml 🙏🏻Speed: 7 speed  

Halogen induction(Electric) cookers

Halogen induction(Electric) cookers ✅ One plate .... 4999 ✅ Two plate .... 5999 *Wonder working and saves Power*

Mika cooker all gas

  • Push Button Auto Ignition
  • 4 gas burners
  • Gas oven
  • Separate upper and lower gas burner element knob selector for operating both as the same time for perfect baking.
  • Special high-density insulation- for faster & quick baking
  • Mechanical timer
  • Oven lamp
  • Turnspit (Chicken Rotisserie)
  • Round oven tray provided
  • Baking tray & Wire shelf (Grid)
  • Width 60cm x Depth 60cm
  • Matt Black top hob and lid
  • Metalic Silver
Warranty: 1 Year

Premier 3tap dispenser

This dispenser have 3 option Hot,cold and normal temperature Good quality

Electric peanut butter maker

  Electric peanut butter maker now *Capacity 500mls*